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e cigarette will have a bright prospect in the tobacco industry

With the increasing popularity and demand of electronic cigarettes among smokers, the popularity can also be seen among various other institutions. Wells Fargo, a financial institute, made a survey according to which e cigarette might have an active prospect in the tobacco industry.

As per the electronic cigarette review, the retailers and wholesalers together are seen to have been highly delighted with the continuously increasing demand and the eventually made revenue with the sale of e cigarettes. Experts say that because of the benefits of using e cigs over tobacco cigarettes the industry has touched the sky in a very short span. According to the reviews, the sales of the e cigs have skyrocketed to around $350 million till date. And it is estimated that the e cig industry will be making a business of over $1 billion in near future.

According to the reviews, Lorillard Inc. has lately acquired an electronic cigarette manufacturer by making a purchase of e cigs for around $135 million and becoming first of the three largest companies in tobacco. “We continue to believe [Lorillard's] e cig acquisition is very positive and expect [Reynolds American] to be the next move into this growing category, most likely organically, but we wouldn’t rule out a potential acquisition, ” says Bonnie Herzog, Managing Director and Senior Beverage and Tobacco Analyst at Wells Fargo Securities.

Experts say that the best electronic cigarette smoking experience can be achieved with e cigs that is similar to a tobacco cigarette when satisfying the cravings of a smoker for nicotine are taken into account. Herzog very well compared the growth of the e cig industry with the vigorous growth of some profitable consumable energy drinks as far as retailers are considered. Herzog says “We think e-cigs are to tobacco what energy drinks are to beverages. In other words, similar to energy drinks, e cigs are profitable, growing quickly, gaining shelf space and consumer acceptance; therefore e cigarettes are an important new niche category for retailers. ”.