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Shanghai Prolight + Sound exhibition in October Glory return

By the Shanghai International Exhibition Center Co., Ltd. and co-sponsored by Messe Frankfurt Prolight + Sound Shanghai 2015 Exhibition (Prolight + Sound Shanghai) will return to the glory of the Shanghai New International Expo Center in October 2015 14-17 days. After 12 years of brand accumulation, professional experience but also require new change. The current Shanghai Exhibition fists to attack, in the same period of activity on participating brands and great efforts have flashed a new action, big, boutique, one less teacher.
More than 2015,500 participating brands, vertical and horizontal at home and abroad, brand new rate of 40%
This year, professional audio-visual, lighting laser show, stage machinery and special effects, LED products and big screen, audio and video integrated systems, public broadcasting equipment, conference systems, related accessories, seven star-studded field, big large pool. Leading the industry benchmark, the new brand should be gathered, 2015 Shanghai Exhibition brand new rate of 40%!
AEBELL (AEBELL), Aiwei Di (Aiweidy), ADAM HALL, Arriba Cases, Ole (Audiocenter), Triangle (Audio- technica), thanks to Mary (Biema), United States Otomi (BMB), Cheng Feng cable (CHEF CABLE), Akihabara (Choseal), New Asia wins (Csyes), dB Technologies, dmxsoft, cloud-efficient lighting (DJ POWER), according to Granville (EV LIGHT), Alco (FDB), feeder (Fidek) on Jun Global (Global Truss), high waves (Hi-LTTE), Zhongtian letter (IBO), love handed thinking (ITC), Opteron (KOLO), KV2, Barangay Bao (MLB), animal husbandry, Germany (MODE), Night Sun (NightSun), Omar (Omarte), Baolong (Proel), meteor showers (RainStar), sharp sound (Reesound), renowned (SAE), Samson, broke (Seer), Yin Wang (Soundking), depending on the satellite network Yi (STARNETeVideo), Xu Guang (Superlux), Ding (Sunrise), Victory (Takstar), TW Audio, Diesel (Tasso), Eastern micro (Tendzone), Ya-Chun (Vello), top (Viasho), De Sheng (VIKY), Granville hair (Weifa), Yage Lai (Yellow River), MIDAS (ZSOUND), beta Strip (β3) ...... If you come through the Shanghai Exhibition last year, this year to give you the same wonderful; if you Two years ago came to Shanghai exhibition, this year's experience to give you a new look!
2015, independent research and endless fine reputation worldwide, one-stop Looking at the interpretation of the most fine tip
China National Museum quality sound to help people Sheng Yang Yang Sihai --2015 Milan Expo, MIDAS sound (ZSOUND) professional performance at the China National Museum of Daisuke people revered. The exhibition brought to Shanghai VC12 (double 12-inch) is the latest development of MIDAS line array speaker system, and VCM belong ZSOUND second generation line array products, is a high cost performance of medium-sized systems, neodymium magnet high frequency coaxial structure, making more accurate pan, rubber side low frequency bass more flexible, with hanging can be preset angle, light weight, the wheel plate combination transport user-friendly design, making installation and removal easier; let flow show more professional and efficient.
Hunan Yiu photoelectric global victory march New Asia Expo Milan - Milan Expo this year, Hunan New Asia-Optoelectronics "magic Stage" series to join the Italian National Museum, National Museum of Slovenia, also shine on the international stage. "Magic stage" the world's first system through a screen, a screen and amazing LED display. Standard box with 500X500mm, the indoor cabinet weighs only 5.3Kg, outdoor cabinet only 5.8Kg, to achieve a box compatible with models up to 12 models of modules, including indoor series P3.9, P4.46, P5.2, P6.25, P7.8, P8.9, P10.4, outdoor series P6.25, P7.8, P8.9, P10.4, P15.
Queen Big Bang, when the excitation of high-quality light dye Worldwide - South Korean man day mission Big Bang2015 world tour concert, we have already witnessed the great quality when Reed show. The Shanghai exhibition, when Li Electronics brand products will carry 330 and then show grace Almighty King. Almighty King 330 uses Philips 16R 330W bulb, set the beam pattern and dyed-in-one, from 2 to 7 degrees beam effects, pattern effect of 5 to 36 degrees, the rich prism effect, prism configuration 8 and 24, two gobo wheel, 12 +17 rotating pattern fixed pattern, as well as 13 color film.
Pioneer national brands, China Feida sing good quality - audio Feida (Fidek) After 33 years of steady development, worthy of China's largest and oldest manufacturing company integrated sound one. The exhibition to Shanghai Feida foldable portable broadcast system FPX-300BT independent research and development design, lightweight ABS plastic body - output power 160W + 160W double channel output; built 2x full HD 8 "woofer and 1" tweeter ; built-in 8 kinds of high-resolution 24-bit digital echo effect; built U disk MP3 player; 5-channel input: 3x + 1x microphone peak line input + 1xMP3; built + 48V phantom power switch; built-in channel band: Adjustable Front gain, 3rd scale, etc., volume adjust.
Oriental Pearl choice, love handed acoustic sound macro thinking --ITC crown Shanghai is the world's leading public broadcasting, the overall digital conference system, multimedia high-definition matrix, professional sound, high-definition audio and video remote video conferencing system solutions manufacturer, this Shanghai is about to debut a 4-channel Class D amplifier uses highly efficient Class D amplifier, built-in high efficiency switching power supply, which makes up to 85% efficiency, heat inside the product using reasonable layout, making the product even under extremely poor working conditions inside still kept below 55 degrees temperature, greatly extend the life of the equipment.
I 2015,10 farm concurrent events, clenched forefront of the industry, the new course of nearly 50%
Whether it is the subject of frontier Or lecturer professionalism, concurrent activities Shanghai Prolight + Sound exhibition we have been walking in the industry leader. 2015, Shanghai Exhibition fists to attack, in the high-end professional seminars and practical prospective forum has powerful new action showed both directions. Ten field concurrent events, new courses close to 50%, passenger seat master is among the world's top ranks. 2015 Shanghai Exhibition earlier activity you explain, please wait -
International Audio Training (appointment)
Want to sell products, the brand is very important; I want to sell yourself, qualification is very important. This is an absolute professional audio training courses on tall, dominated by the German Technical Association of the Performing Arts, some manufacturers to participate, designed to allow each participant to master the latest and most practical technology and equipment tips. October 14, the International Audio Training will debut in China, and during the same period of free Intakes Shanghai Exhibition.
Recording Technology Forum
He is the "Crouching Tiger" "myth" "The Banquet" and other classic blockbuster soundtrack recording engineer; he is China won the "Grammy" award crown first. October 15, 2015 morning, the Shanghai International Exhibition of professional lighting and sound recording technology forum, Lu Xiaoxing teachers will live with the majority of the audience to share the essence of a live recording of the live sound design. The sound of extraordinary beauty and fine art of the study and understanding of the achievements of the land has always been dedicated teacher recordist the title of the highest interpretation.
He is a professor of film and Television Arts, a sound engineer, sound engineer Association China Communication University of China. He gave Li Gu Yi, Peng Liyuan, Song Zuying and other singers, Guo Feng, Xu Peidong and other young composer had recorded the album; he has presided over a number of sessions recorded Ministry of Culture Spring Festival Gala (CCTV) and the New Year, Chinese New Year concert, celebrating the return of Hong Kong, to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party of China, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Revolution, nearly a hundred large-scale cultural activities. Its natural, simple, delicate sound style renowned industry. 2015 Shanghai Exhibition on recording technology forum, Li Taikang teachers will live and share "5.1 surround sound recording" of related topics. If there is an opportunity for you to personally master recordings of conversations at the world level, this October, you can not miss.
PA Technology Forum
Compressed audio signal is a technology, it is an art. How the original sound tuning sounds of nature like the world? 2015, combat-type stereo master from Taiwan and Taiwan 吴荣宗 will once again came to Shanghai exhibition, with its super-popular affinity, to share with you the subject of "objective and subjective Compressor" ʱ?? Wu worked closely with Mei, Fish Leong, Mayday, Jay and other big star, its wealth of experience and superb skills impressed the industry, "written by professional audio engineering technology" (I, II), a book is known as the professional audio technology into the workplace guidelines.
National Orchestral stress pickup device, and more particular about angles. Chinese Folk Orchestra as a form of classical music concerts in its acoustic structure and tone compared with traditional Western instruments, with distinct characteristics and style. How perfect to restore the charm of Chinese music? Outstanding young sound engineer from Shanghai National Orchestra, the sound engineer Mr. Gu Yu Shanghai exhibition will be the first appearance of 2015 PA Technology Forum, under our sound environment of China's national orchestra miking techniques. Gu Yu delicate, natural and very dynamic sound creative style known in the industry, has worked with WARE, Germany chick bands, Hu Xia, Gong Linna, Kaohsiung, Taiwan Chinese Orchestra, Taiwan Guoguang Opera Troupe, Chinese armed police Backstage, China Broadcasting Art Troupe, Central Nationalities Orchestra and other international artists and arts organizations through close cooperation. October 14 afternoon, Wu and Gu teachers meet with you, there or be square.
TV Vision Lighting Design Seminar
Whether it is due to technical requirements or artistic considerations, lighting design are indeed eye-catching of this wonderful TV programs. No light rendering, color TV programs will be missing the big importance of the television program "Lighting design" is self-evident. Shanghai Prolight + Sound exhibition forum earlier classic "television visual lighting design seminar" on, from Yunnan Television gaffer Qin Xiaogang, and Zhejiang Radio and Television Group, the production unit gaffer Guo Liang, will variety type and news programs designed for studio lighting depth analysis of different design concepts. Zhejiang TV's "China dream show," "Chinese good sound," "I love to remember the lyrics" and other well-known Arts section gold medal, want to know the powerful place their lighting design it? October Shanghai, the answer, we opened for you.
Holographic audio technology and production
Ears wide open to the world the moment, 2015 Shanghai Exhibition new masterpiece! Organizers will join the world's leading technology Feidi Man Johnson Multimedia Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to hold "2015 holographic sound technical and production-related seminar", and in W4 Hall "holographic sound technical field experience zone" four-day show. The show based on the principle of wave field synthesis technology, the use of "four-dimensional holographic sound" (3D sound) sound system consisting of technology, to bring people revolutionary, real and natural, as if the "reach" of the ultimate holographic listening experience. At the same time inviting organizers from 费迪曼 Thomson Multimedia Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Music Project designer guest earlier meeting, to share with you the latest in audio technology and solutions.
KTV tuning technology video "Ocean to talk about" line activities
Easy pragmatic language style, single amount of video playback 2,000 domestic first file KTV room tuning technology program to promote the exchange of technology, "Lohan on" Shanghai exhibition will be held concurrently with the next line we communicate! With more and chemotaxis intense competition in the industry and consumers to improve the level of appreciation, KTV industry competition from the simple decoration, service and marketing, etc., began to tilt to the sound effects sound effects and other professional bouts, places this profession has become more sound control attention owners and managers. To help those YinKong friends need to learn to improve the overall level, boost transformation industry restructuring, "Lohan talk" came into being. 2015 Shanghai Exhibition scene, "Lohan on" speakers will delay testing and adjustment method, the sound field testing and adjustment of other professional issues were discussed. KTV industry friends not to be missed industry gatherings, October 15, 16 pm, Luo and we meet Shanghai.
Shanghai Prolight + Sound exhibition, just to give you the best. 2015 new energy, ready to go, just waiting for the king to come!