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Inventory sound engineer several popular playback software

With the rapid development of computer technology, today's audio circles most of the equipment equipment have already started into the digital age, in the past used as live music played CD player, hard drives and so was replaced by today's computer as the main audio workstation This digital revolution has brought not only to improve the sound quality, but also brings more quick and convenient for the sound engineer.
1. With respect to the computer as the main audio workstation, the main component is divided into three parts:
 1. The computer system operating system and hardware combination, which we are familiar is often used equipment, including operating systems generally have Windows, MAC OS X and Linux, and is based on Intel hardware in general to deal with the core The hardware architecture, such a combination of hardware and software system called computer system.
2. AD / DA (analog to digital / digital-analog) and a DSP chip-based audio interface, it is outside of the analog signal into a digital signal into the computer, then computer processed digital signal into an analog signal output to an external device, the other has a DSP chip audio interfaces also have internal digital signal processing functions.
3. The use of computer language mathematical physical modeling approach to building out a virtual circuit audio workstation software, more professional representatives have Pro Tools, Cubase, and Audition, and of course a little professional audio player can be considered one of them.
Second, these three parts together constitute a complete audio workstation software and hardware configuration for different audio workstation, their features and processing power is not the same, to introduce the following is for Windows and MAC Two common platform, and relatively convenient live music player software.

1.Windows Platform: representatives of the more commonly used software Foobar2000 and Sports Sounds Pro.
(1) Foobar2000 can be said that Windows system artifacts music player not only supports all audio file formats, but also with professional VST plug-DSP bridge through its various components, resampling, multi-channel output, etc., It also has a complete interface UI customization features, of course, the sound quality is comparable to professional audio workstation, finally it is good playlist management features, this feature is particularly suitable for on-site program more cases.

 (2) Sports Sounds Pro is based on the shortcut key map-based music player software, its main feature is that each piece of music corresponds to a keyboard shortcut, the operation more convenient, but also supports multi playlist management, for on other occasions the live broadcast. Of course, the sound quality is also quite good, but in terms of functionality and scalability with Foobar2000 there are some disparity.

 2.MAC OS X system platform: the more commonly used software Qlab, Qcart and Soundboard, of course, there are some like iTunes, Cog, Vox, Amarra, Audirvana Plus and Decibel so these individuals feel that because the site is not suitable for the environment, so do not introduced here, you can own the Internet search interest.

(1) Qlab, Qcart is the same company that produced the software, the former is more professional and more complex, as well as for theater performances fixed pattern, but Qcart is more convenient, suitable for mobile live performance environment, mainly in here to Qcart introduced. It is similar to the Windows platform Sports Sounds Pro software, is the shortcut key mapping, support for MIDI mapping, but with respect to the former, it more than a few audio plug-ins and simple audio editing function, which is very convenient for the field of , and it also supports setting different play modes for each individual song, and it's playback quality is very good.

(2) Soundboard and Qcart substantially similar in function, both the operation and the number of audio formats supported are very close, but there is a Soundboard iPad remote client called Soundboard for MAC Remote, so you can take advantage of the iPad Touch trigger operating software.

 Given the popularity and the rise of computer audio workstation, as sound engineer of us, to find a suitable own audio workstation software is the most important, only the right, and is the best, over several software but to stimulate Readers can use the process in conjunction with their actual situation, to find their most appropriate that one.