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Rebuildable Vision EGO or CE5: Assembly and Use

Follow this simple tutorial to learn how to take apart, reassemble and fill your Rebuildable Vision EGO (also known as the CE5) with e-liquid.

Your Rebuildable Vision EGO can be taken apart into four pieces.  From left to right, you can see the replaceable head, the base, the black plastic mouthpiece and the plastic tube that makes up the body of the cartomizer:

To take apart your cartomizer, start by unscrewing the black plastic mouthpiece:

Next, unscrew the plastic tube that makes up the body of the cartomizer from the metal base:

Next, unscrew the replaceable head from the base.  The long wicks on either side are what pull e-liquid into the heating element.  When these wicks get

gunked up or your cartomzier stops performing well, it's time to replace this head:

Now that you've seen how to take apart your cartomizer, we'll guide you through the process of filling it with e-liquid:

Unscrew the black plastic mouthpiece:

If you look into the opening, you will see a central post or tube in the center:

When filling with e-liquid, put the e-liquid on all sides while avoiding that central tube:

Replace the black plastic mouthpiece:

You are now ready to attach your cartomizer to your favorite battery, vape and enjoy!