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How to use eGo CE5 cartomizer exchangeable & detac 5 months ago

a. How to change the coil head on eGo CE5 cartomizer(Clearomizer):
Step 1: Unscrew the eGo CE5 cartomizer tube from eGo CE5 cartomizer base.

Step 2: Unscrew the eGo CE5 cartomizer coil head from the top of the base assembly.

Step3: Screw the new eGo CE5 cartomizer coil head into the CE5 cartomizer base again;

Step4: Screw the CE5 cartomizer tube back into the eGo CE5 cartomizer base. 

b. How to fill e-liquid to the eGo CE5 cartomizer(clearomizer):

Step 1: Take out the e-liquid bottle lid;

Step 2: Cut off the top of bottle;

Step 3: Unscrew the CE5 cartomizer tip from the CE5 cartomizer tube.

Step 4: Fill the e-liquid to the CE5 cartomizer. 

Using an eliquid bottle or syringe, fill the CE5 cartomizer by inserting e-liquid down the side wall (Do not fill e-liquid in the center hole, that is for air flow). 

Step 5: Screw the eGo CE5 cartomizer tip back into the CE5 cartomizer tube(do not screw too tightly). 

c. How to enjoy your eGo CE5 e-cigarette:

Screw filled CE5 clear cartomizer with the eGo battery, then will be stand-by state.

* The eGo-CE5 works only when you press the eGo battery LED button. Press the LED button and inhale at the same time. 

d. How to charge the eGo CE5 battery:

You just screw the eGo battery with the USB charger, then plug it into the PC or AC-USB Adapter. 1. the first charge should be kept for 8 hours, even if the LED light turns green. 2. Use for 20 minutes., 3. Charge the battery for another 1 hour. Your eGo battery is ready for normal using now. The normal charging time should be kept for 3 hours( even if the LED light turns green).