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Wearing headphones listening to music one hour 20 db hearing loss

"In fact, that part of the sound spread of the Internet, is a high frequency current sound. Due to long-term strain on the hearing, a lot of people in middle age begin to lose high-frequency sound of hearing ability. But 35-year-old is not an absolute limit . "Provincial Hospital deputy director of otolaryngology Tangxu Xia said.
People have a hearing frequency range: 20-20000HZ. Bass band in 20-160HZ, audio segments 160-2500HZ, treble band in 2500-20000HZ. In everyday conversation sound audio segment, and the doorbell, ringtones, etc. are generally in the high range.

"The human ear most sensitive frequency bands in 1001-4000HZ."   that circulated on the Internet that period of higher sound frequencies, at around 8000HZ. "No matter how old, if you do not hear this sound, your hearing may appear recession medicine, called nerve deafness." Nerve deafness, regardless of age, and as long as the environment from damage, generally not continuing degradation ʱ?? There are statistics that now people between the ages of 12-35 in half are in danger of hearing loss among many of deafness are due to noise.
35-year-old cut-off point is not representative, but hearing loss dropping indeed. "Adult hearing loss, if not because of genetic or other disease caused, the general is that they use the headphones when listening to music too loud."
Tang Xuxia analysis, now the daily noise environment is generally about 85 db, if you wear headphones to hear the content, at least open to more than 95 db, 95 db or more long-term environment, the hearing will be affected. She estimated that such wear headphones to listen to music one hour, 20 db hearing loss.