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6 Daxin audio market a few shady you know?

Under the guise of a shady foreign names
This type of unscrupulous manufacturers use Chinese consumers Worship widespread psychological and foreign brands are not familiar with the big fake foreign devil card, first came up with a seemingly very Western style names, then a flower little money to register, return country to make money.

Shady two bold fiction
Speaker cabinet posted a layer of veneer, unscrupulous manufacturers will make bold to say that this is a wood box, the product itself is a common technique used, but said that he is a patented technology that uses a chip of NEC of Japan, It would openly say that the product is Japan's NEC technical design.

Shady three real ones
Different types of audio equipment, although the performance, prices vary widely, but the development gap between the shape of the mold is not great. As long as unscrupulous businessmen can prove everything to remove the original model, the performance of the plate, put on by the advertising company to do new nameplate with glue to glue. Although the print quality is very general, but consumers do not have the original contrast, it is not apparent.

Shady four vacuity High
Audio products, there are indeed many top brands prices are high, but the vast majority of manufacturers of the product cost is not high, the product does not have the effect par with the top brands and levels. However, unscrupulous operators who do not care about that, then they tend to try to bring the price level, to obtain high profits.

Shady five high commission
In some poor audio manufacturers or merchants among the very capable sales staff will be as "gunmen", manufacturers are often used to keep the high commission gunmen. The Gunners will have a lot of "tricks" in the specific sales process. For example, in some stores, a salesperson at the demonstration effect of bass often will choose some very strong low-frequency music to play, but to get a piece of paper in the speaker's back vent airflow to make paper play deformed or broken, in order to explain himself The bass is very good.

Shady six technical deception
Most consumers are always one-sided view speaker's power the better. Many unscrupulous businessmen to seize this consumer psychology, the speaker of the nominal power big fuss. Some of the large and small speakers, regardless of how much actual power, are labeled "800 watts" on the plate, "1000 Watts" such words.