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Live video in the future,

Internet broadcast obvious difference
Web TV gives viewers more freedom and choice. However, the Internet broadcast of the concept, much more than to move on network television content so simple.
Players from the specific point of view, in the field of Internet TV, there are YY focus of the show, 9158, have focused on the game live betta, banners, but also in the mobile terminal ferret live interactive platform KK, KK's sing, live World says the launch involved in a number of areas, they have a strong interaction with genetic and social attributes, eventually forming a social video community live.
As the "immediate" and "interaction" of the property, Chinese social video community active users live in is growing. According to ClickZ Network in December 2014 released report shows that in recent years, China's social video user scale industry development will be the growth rate of about 30%, and forecast to 2017, Chinese social video will cover more than 400 million people.
Two developing basic points: the value of real-time interaction and grassroots
Under the impact of the Internet, declining television ratings and operation rate is an indisputable fact. Faced with the challenges of new media, major television stations have also engaged, creating a website, the show moved to television on the Internet, but this means that dispersion ratings, so some TV stations have no longer seen as a simple set-top boxes ratings master The only standard section reins, and the CTR is also counted as a file sections considered one indicator. Even at the expense of television picture composition, it should also beat the two-dimensional code on the screen, and then hope the audience back to the living room phone. Demand from years ago hotline, SMS participation, to micro-letter shake, television has been exploring how to effectively interact with the audience, increase user stickiness. More and more talent through other programs can also be seen, more and more television and postures, attention roots.
However, this property unidirectional transmission of television destined limitations audience interaction, either shake or sweep swept away, are just some of the audience adds interactive features, such as: to improve the sense of participation, openness comment degree, the audience He was never able to really participate in the live among. The interactive live Internet is just the opposite, covering the visual broadcast traditional media, variety shows live online interactive platform, live concerts, cultural programs live online and offline, as well as independent live Personal Tailor, etc., fans can become the anchor Value The community, through interaction, to create a closed social ecosystem.
In this open interactive broadcast platform, the anchor is a resource platform as the most talked about, and its support of the fans behind group brought fans is the platform upon which guarantee economic survival. August 4, "Heroes Union" Beyond ambassador Jay were first game "on black" live. Live the same day, to participate in the live broadcast of the Jay and platforms, as well as the game itself, it has become a hot topic in both the Internet and the entertainment industry. According to the video source provider Tencent video statistics, the number of the day after the end of the live viewing over 16 million passengers.
Of course, celebrity live in this big event played an important role, but also to the development of the current broadcast platform brings thinking, if you can try to make anchors in the broader field of play to their potential increase the influence of the platform. For example, in education, food, tourism and other fields KK sing raised, with respect to specific user groups, to create a more diverse live interactive platform to launch a series of unique personality of the anchor of people, this is a breakthrough competition in the industry to solve an inspiration subscriber growth bottlenecks. And this process will be fully reflect the value of grassroots process, the ability to have the stage, to many grassroots enough room for imagination.
Three major trends: mobile, platform, community
In February this year, "35th Statistical Report on Internet Development in China," China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released noted that, as in 2014, the Internet users use the mobile Internet population increased from 2013 accounted for 81.0% to 85.8 %, while 71.9% of video users choose to use mobile phones to watch video, the network became the first terminal to watch video programs. Mobile live video is undoubtedly the development trend of the future live lies.
Platform and vertical direction will be two parallel development, and the power of the platform will be more apparent. Traditional television and video sites, more will choose the vertical mode, for various reasons, the content and appearance of the characters have a fixed check and choose. The more Internet video broadcast, will play a large number of anchor as the core of self-media platforms. There are a lot of talent anchors settled to the platform, show their value, develop and operate their own fans. The platform party to do is how to ensure the quality and enhance the content specification, ensuring not touch the red line.
Internet community is not based on geography, but on common interests and values. There are fans operating, interactive social, community-based is the trend. In the process of the community, whether it is economic or social ecology fans, we will have to produce economic benefits, which will also be jointly enhance the value of customer value and platform Road.
Traditional television broadcast in the transition, PC live video is also expanding business, the main mobile end live just emerging, aspects of power strengths, with the rapid development of the video industry, competing parties will be more and more power , who can seize the user can continuously create value, we will be able to achieve great progress. What is the pattern of the future? We'll see.