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Mini Heat Press Plates

Battery Heat Press Machine
Mini Heat Press Plates  

MIni Battery heat press machine, one button solve everything

Out door heat press machine,battery heat press
Mini heat press,no need power
10 seconds heating
Use it anywhere you want

MIni Battery heat press, one button solve everything

Accessories list
1 * Mini Battery Heat Press
1 * Micro USB line
1 * Silicone container
2 * 18650 Battery
1 * tool
1 * User manual
1 * paper

Operation Instructions:
ON/OFF : Press left button continuously for 3s to turn ON/OFF.

Light indication :
1. Battery installation : After installing the batteries properly, the red led lights 1s and the green lights 1s, meanwhile battery indicator light is on 2s, then the device will be standby mode.
2. Temperature indicator light : red led light means heating, it will turn to green led light when the device reaches setting temperature.
3. Battery indicator light : when red led light flashes, it means low power and needs to be charged or replace batteries.
4. Left button : Press the button for 3s on/off, During working condition, press 1 time to change temperature shift, 100°C -->110°C -->120°C -->130°C -->140°C -->150°C -->100°C ( cycle ).

Working condition :
1. When standby mode, Press left button continuously for 3s to turn on , 100°C led light will be red then device starts to heat up, it will turn to green light when the device reaches 100°C, it enters heat preservation.
2. The device will start to work at last setting temperature after turning on.
3. If without any operation after turning on the device ,it will stop working automatically in 2.5 minutes.

Charging :
Plug in DC5.5V for charging,the red led light is always on when charging, it will be off once the batteries have been fully charged.

Warranty : 1 year for device and 3 months for battery.
Battery rosin press ,Mini rosin press